Dear friends,

In addition to the praise and worship service in the morning the following is also to be placed into effect:

  • One hour per day is to be invested in the memorization of Scriptures as follows; 30 minutes in full New Testament chapters, 15 minutes on the most important verse of each New Testament chapter, and 15 minutes on the most important verse of each Old Testament chapter.
  • Have another hour of study per day: directly from and out of the Word. This will make a total three hours each day that are to be invested in God's Word for the future of our children.

Note: Women can teach these classes but they are not to teach the early praise and worship service which takes place every morning. This position is ordained by God, for a man to teach.

The following is the list of books, which are to be taught to the different age groups:

Elementary Schools
Old Testament: Genesis-Chronicles
New Testament: Matthew-Galatians

Middle Schools
Old Testament: 2 Chronicles-Ezekiel
New Testament: Ephesians-Philemon

High Schools
Old Testament Daniel-Malachi
New Testament Hebrews-Revelation
Place three wooden crosses in the front of each school with a navy flag with white letters, which states: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Thank you,
Mark Berryhill